This is a night to enjoy the amazing greatness of the Italian American Club in Hollywood dressed up for the 25th Gala Anniversary of CITA- International Club of Argentine Tango of South Florida. This Non Profit Institution and the oldest Tango Milonga in Florida has been producing many events in the past with the goal of fundraising to multiple organizations and persons in need. At the same time we will be celebrating the "Semana de Mayo" (May's week) since on the 25 of May of 1810  the Argentine's revolution happened which planted the seeds of the Argentine's Independence on July's 9, 1816.

To make the best of it we came with the idea of bringing to you:

"The First Tango Milonga that takes place in two cities simultaneously connecting Miami to Buenos Aires with a Tango Orchestra On The Big Screen in Miami while people dancing on the dance floor!"

On a Big Screen you will enjoy a live band playing directly from Buenos Aires and at the same time there will be communication between both ends so they can hear the clapping of the crowd.

A DJ from Buenos Aires will be playing the music.

Appetizers & Catering will be served

A lot last details will be added as we get closer to the event for you to have a great night!

And on top of everything after deducting the expenses of the event, all the collected money will be donated to ST Jude Hospital-Children with Cancer so you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you not only will enjoy a great night, but also collaborate with a good cause.